15 Ways to Focus on Your Mental Health Every Day

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15 Ways to Focus on Your Mental Health Every Day

Many people expect mental health to be a problem in their life at some point. While the National Institutes of Mental Health estimates that one in five adults in the U.S. has a mental illness, that doesn't mean it cannot be successfully treated. Pain and loss are inevitable parts of life, but long-term sadness and anxiety does not have to last forever. Every person can take action to focus on their mental health every day and improve their overall mental wellness. 

  1. Sleep: Not getting enough regular sleep has been linked to depression, anxiety, and many other mental illnesses. Each stage of the sleep cycle affects thinking and memories, which then affects mental health. Healthy sleep is routine and not limited by alcohol or drug use. A person who wants to focus on mental wellness can start by improving sleep habits. 

  2. Eat well: Diets rich in macronutrients and micronutrients feed the brain and ensure it is properly functioning. Eating healthy meals and maintaining a healthy body weight improves mental health by maintaining brain function. 

  3. Exercise: Physical exercise positively impacts depression and anxiety because it enhances calmness and releases endorphins. It can also have a meditative effect if you are willing to focus on the exercise instead of negative emotions. 

  4. Journal: The process of writing things down is akin to talking to someone, but when you journal, you have no audience. This allows the brain more freedom to process complex emotions through the action of writing. 

  5. Write down goals: So many people know they want to do something, but they lack focus. Writing down goals helps to provide focus and makes those goals achievable. 

  6. Meditate: Being mindful is a great way to let go of everything that is filling your head with worry. It may only last for the duration of the meditation, but that reprieve has a lasting effect. 

  7. Self-guided therapy: Many people use therapy as a mental health tool, but with self-guided therapy apps, you can do it everyday.

  8. Socialize: Isolation compounds depression, and many people realize this once they feel the elation from socializing with friends and family. 

  9. Take a social media break: Social media is not the same a socializing, and it can actually have the opposite effect. Having a window into the curated digital life of "friends" results in feelings of missing out and unfair comparisons. 

  10. Say no: If you are a people pleaser, you need to say no once in a while. Too often, the helpers of the world get burned out because they never turn down an opportunity to assist. 

  11. Start a hobby: People want purpose, and the 8 to 5 daily grind doesn't always provide it. Hobbies give people something to do that they control, and it prevents boredom. 

  12. Spend time outside: Biophilia is our natural inclination to like the outdoors, and spending time outside has a positive effect on mental health.

  13. Laugh: Sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine. If you've been feeling down, watch a comedy or go out with a friend who makes you laugh. Consider trying laughter yoga if you cannot find a laughter outlet. 

  14. Forgive: If you are living a life of shame and regret, you must forgive yourself. Likewise, holding a grudge against a friend or family member isn't healthy. 

  15. Take a break: Take a day off from work, from house chores, or from whatever it is that has you feeling stuck. Do something different. It may only take a half hour of dedicated you time each day to maintain mental health. 

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