How to Fit Journaling Into Your Busy Schedule

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How to Fit Journaling Into Your Busy Schedule.

Journaling can be an extremely useful tool - both to organize your mind and keep you directed in your goals. Many people make use of written planners where apps just don't feel real enough. Writing your goals and reflecting your thoughts in ink on the page carries more weight. You may feel more fulfilled when personally crossing items off your to-do list - or more motivated when you write down your inspirations with pen in hand.

But how do you find the time? Journaling does take time out of your day - a few minutes for every page you organize and every thought you jot down. In modern life, how do you fit journaling into a busy schedule?

Don't worry. You're not the first to take on this goal and you won't be the last. There are many ways to build journaling into your routine - without losing time or momentum for the rest of your day. We'll look at each phase of your day and where you can find those opportunities to journal.

Before You Get Out of Bed

Have you heard of dream journaling? The best and perhaps only time to journal your dreams is in those blurry moments right after you wake up. Keep your journal by your bed, on your bedside table or even under your pillow, along with your favorite pen or pencil.

As soon as you wake up, before your mind fully regains reality, grab your journal and start scrawling whatever you remember. It can start as a stream of consciousness, a visual description, or the last words your dream companions spoke to you. Try to recapture as much of the dream as possible - before you even move your body out of bed. Then start your day as usual.

Over Your Morning Coffee

If you start up a little slowly in the morning, use that muzzy time when you're not moving at 100% for journaling. This can not only fit neatly into your schedule, it can focus your mind and refine your goals to help you get ready to take on the day. While you sip your morning coffee, sit down with your journal and write down your goals and hopes for the day.

In Those In-Between Waiting Moments

Slip your journal into your bag and take it with you. When you find yourself waiting for something, take a few minutes to fill out your goals, your to-do lists, or even journal some of your personal thoughts. This could happen in line at the bank, or waiting in the lobby for a doctor's appointment. You might journal for a few minutes while waiting for a Zoom meeting to start, or for a large file to download. We all have these in-between moments of waiting. They are perfect for journaling.

During Your Lunch Break

What do you do during your lunch break? You might have experimented with lunchtime meditation or spend this time checking your emails. Try pulling out your journal and filling in a few sections of your planner while eating your daily cobb salad. You can take the time to process your thoughts and feelings on the first half of the day and then focus your mind on goals and personal energy to complete your day in style. 

Unwinding After Work

Do you have a post-work routine or a way you like to wind down when you get home?Journaling can become a good part of your relaxation rituals to shake the stress of work out of your shoulders and your mind. Kick off your work shoes, change into your home clothes, and sit down with your journal for just a few minutes before starting your evening chores. You can even open up the journal on the kitchen counter and jot a few notes while dinner simmers on the stove.
Alongside Your Kids Doing Homework

Do your children still have homework to do during family time? Pull out your journal and do your own "homework" right along with them. This is a wonderful way to share time as a family. Show your kids that everyone has to sit down and review what they've learned at the end of each day, and that you can do that together.

Right Before You Go to Bed

Finally, many people use journaling as a way to wind down before bed. In your journal, you can reflect on everything you did. You can keep an accurate diaily record or let your thoughts and feelings flow out onto the page. Without taking time out of your day, you can sit down with your journal before bed and let your mind relax through the pen. You might even shape your dreams.

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