All Moms Can Benefit from Effective, Evolving, and Inspiring Mental Wellness Support

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All Moms Can Benefit from Effective, Evolving, and Inspiring Mental Wellness Support

Being a mom is a pretty interesting job. We love when our kids learn something new. We are so proud when they succeed. And then you see them throw a tantrum, walk face-first into a wall, or get a call from their school to let you know that they spent their fifth-hour class mooning people from the third-floor windows.

Sometimes, parenting just sucks and it's okay to admit that, even out loud. The trick is to ask for help when we need a mental wellness check. Our mental wellness is an essential component of being a great mom and a healthy person. We can't be at our best for our children if we neglect our mental health and our parenting can suffer from it.

Mom Struggles

Emotions run high during stressful times and the weight of our responsibilities can become too much to bear. We can feel like we are about to explode and many of us have already. It happens, but it doesn't happen to everyone the same way, at the same time. But every mom, at some point, may have a problem in any of the following areas:

  • Balancing Time and Encouraging/Following A Routine
  • Maintaining Energy and Getting Enough Sleep
  • Saying No Firmly and Being Okay With It
  • Mother or Friend? Where Is The Line?
  • Work/Life/Parenting Balance: Is There Such A Thing?
  • Parental Anxiety, Over Anything, Everything, Known and Unknown
  • Defining Your New Identity and Exploring Your Evolving Character
  • Asking For Help When, Or Before, and Even After You Need It
All of the listed issues have one thing in common: They are all about changing your own thoughts, behaviors, and reactions. It's the stuff that YOU have control of and that only you can change. An ideal way to monitor and evolve with change, especially changes that begin inside, is to develop coping strategies to deal with your problems while you work on your life with a supportive guide.

Helpful Coping Strategies

No matter how old our kids are, they will push buttons, step over boundaries, and test our patience. There are things we can do to change our reaction to their behavior. They are called coping strategies and many people find them very helpful. 
  • Breathing techniques and walking away when stressed or angry.
  • Talk to a friend or a member of your support system.
  • Know that it is okay to give your child space, but also for you to give yourself space as well.
  • Exercising increases mood, decreases agitation, encourages focus, and promotes better sleep. 
  • Don't say anything to yourself that you wouldn't say to your child. Love yourself. Tell yourself positive things. Be proud. 
  • Be consistent with the rules and have a discussion about proposed changes. This can help decrease arguing, fighting, and last-minute changes that induce stress. 
  • Remind yourself that it's okay to be flexible sometimes. A routine is an outline, not etched in stone and not something to stress about.
  • Model appropriate behavior for the kids. Speak and act in a positive manner and your outlook may just change, for the better. 
  • Focus on facts before feelings. Our feelings of anxiety tend to lie to us, exaggerate our problems, and create a huge problem out of something relatively small. So, stop and think. What do you know for a fact, and what is just speculation (anxious paranoia anyone?)? Dividing what you know from what you have created in your head can help you change the narrative.
  • SELF-CARE. Self-care involves more than just exercising and eating healthy. You need to take care of yourself. Spend some time with yourself. Do something for yourself. Heck, you can even buy something for yourself. Identify what it is that you need to be happy and go for it. Get a facial, take a nap, read a book, meditate, go to a concert, whatever, just make sure that what you're doing relieves stress while being enjoyable, without the kids.

All of the above coping strategies help with strengthening your mental wellness and prepare you for problems you could face in the future. Parenting is rewarding, but at the same time, it can be scary, annoying, and even maddening. It's okay to ask for help when these coping strategies aren't enough

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